About us

The town of Margalef created the el Pont and la Presa areas in order to meet touristic demand in the village and to offer services to the visitors as well as to conserve the environment and limit the uncontrolled disposal of waste.

The areas el Pont and la Presa are equipped for overnight stays in tents, caravans or motorhomes and offer freely accessible sanitary installations. 

The area el Pont is euipped with a bar-café offering information on climbing, MTB and excursions to the Montsant nature reserve as well as free wifi and a small climbing shop and accessories service. It also offers showers, emptying of caravans and the possibility of waste separation.

The area la Presa offers freely accessible barbecues most of the year and waste separation. The facilities and equipment of both areas can be used by the guests irrespective of which area they are staying at.


El Pont is located in front of the village, vehicle access to this area is towards the Hermitage of Sant Salvador, just cross the bridge and follow the track that is on the right hand side. It is well connected with the town. There is a pedestrian walkway that starts in the same area and goes towards the town.

La Presa is 4 km from the village of Margalef, located at the foot of the reservoir. Leaving the village in direction Ulldemolins or la Granadella until you find a sign for “Pantà de Margalef”. Follow the track up to find La Presa.